Internet Problems

Been having problems with my internet (Sky Broadband Unlimited), it keeps dropping out every so often and already in the test socket.

It started Wednesday (4th Dec), where it dropped once and I thought nothing of it.

Come Friday (6th Dec) I had enough and called Sky back, they did some tests and said they would pass it on, to Open Reach would do some tests, which I am waiting to hear back the results on.

It is quiet lucky I still have my Virgin Media internet connection, or else I be up a creek without a paddle.


  1. Here is an update of what happening with this.

    On Wednesday 11th December, I had an BT Openreach Engineer out, who replaced the Master socket, to one of those Fibre master socket.

    But the problem, came back on the Friday 13th December, so back on the phone to Sky over the weekend.

    What is happening next, is they are sending me out an new Sky Hub, and if that doesn’t fit it, then another engineer, will be sent out.

  2. I have decided to stay with my Virgin Media, UK cable connection and cancel Sky when the contract is up.

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